Supporting our Finkley Families

Lending Library

Each of our Finkley settings knows the importance of reading in your little one’s lives, we are huge believers that reading books and listening to stories at a young age will support your child throughout their life.

We have our very own Lending Libraries based in the reception areas of all of our settings, so that you and your child can explore a whole range of books. When your little one is ready for a new reading adventure, simply bring it back and swap it!

Experience Bags

We are very aware that a child may experience many transitions throughout their life ranging from potty training to the first dentist trip and every child’s journey will be a little different. Whilst they are with us we aim to support them and you as much as we possibly can. We know some experiences may be a small adventure and others may be a more serious situation. At each of our settings, in the reception area we have a selection of experience bags to provide support through these periods. These are filled with different resources to support that topic, and help you and your child’s journey through the transition.

You are welcome to borrow these bags whenever you need them. We may recommend a certain bag if you are discussing a transition with your child’s key worker, but you are also welcome to borrow them at your discretion.

We have an experience bag on the following topics:

  • Potty training
  • First trip to the dentist
  • Poorly relative
  • New baby
  • Parent separation
  • Teeth are not for biting
  • Emotions
  • Family bereavement
  • School readiness
  • Incarceration